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  Specialised Advanced IT Training
Tel : 0845 051 3801
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Introduction to Java Programming 0101
Introduction to Java for non-C programmers 0102
Intermediate Java Programming 0103
Advanced Java Programming 0104
Java Swing 0105
Introduction to Struts 0201
Java Server Faces 0202
Java Web Programming 0203
Java Enterprise Programming 0204
Spring Framework 0205
Hibernate 3.0 0206
Introduction to Web Services 0207
Java Web services Using JAX-RPC 0208
Introduction to Linux 0901
Linux System Administration 0902
Shell Programming 0903
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Over 30 courses covering the hottest topics in todays IT industry.

Introduction to Java Programming 0101
J2ME Programming 1101
Introduction to Struts 0201
Introduction to Web Services 0207
Introduction to Web Services 0301
C# Programming 0401
C++ Programming 0701

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Custom On Site Training. 

Your location, your human capital, your training.

We are experts at creating customised training solutions that meet your companies exact requirements and peoples needs. Whether you require a single course for a small group or extensive training for your entire workforce, On-Site Courses offer significant saving and can be customised to meet your requirements. Call for details

Cost effective training without any hidden costs, our On Site Training costs are all inclusive from instructor travel to equipment set up.

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Mentoring your work force to solve real business problems.

We offer top quality training, mentoring and consultancy for all Java technologies (J2ME, J2SE and JEE) backed by over 24 years training experience and around 30 years in the IT industry.
Our instructor will develop a relationship with you in which they use their vast experience in different sectors to help solve your specific real life problems.

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What our clients say about us?


Our company faced a problem in that we had a legacy application that needed to be converted to use the latest technology. I spent many weeks tracking down a company that had the necessary expertise required to train our developers in J2EE and help us port an Oracle based forms Application to Java. The instructor was very knowlegeable and the exercises were developed based on our problem domain which helped our developers not only to learn the subject but also improve the product. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for highly specialised IT training.

Andrew Arends CEO of CamAxys in Cambridge UK 

Standard Tuition 

2 days ?75
3 days ?115
4 days ?355
5 days ?595

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J2ME Programming 1101

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