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Introduction to Java Programming 0101
Introduction to Java for non-C programmers 0102
Intermediate Java Programming 0103
Advanced Java Programming 0104
Java Swing 0105
Introduction to Struts 0201
Java Server Faces 0202
Java Web Programming 0203
Java Enterprise Programming 0204
Spring Framework 0205
Hibernate 3.0 0206
Introduction to Web Services 0207
Java Web services Using JAX-RPC 0208
Introduction to Linux 0901
Linux System Administration 0902
Shell Programming 0903
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Intermediate Java Programming 0103 - Course duration: 3 days

Course Objectives:

you will learn how to

Sort and tune collections in the java.util package. Define classes within other classes using inner classes. Use the java.awt and javax.swing packages to create simple GUI applications. Write Java programs that interface with databases via JDBC. Search for occurrences of patterns in strings with the java.util.regex package.

Course Contents:

1. Course Introduction

  • Course Objectives
  • Overview
  • Suggested References

2. Collection Sorting and Tuning

  • Using Java 5.0 Features with Collections
  • Sorting with Comparable
  • Sorting with Comparator
  • Sorting Lists and Arrays
  • Collections Utility Methods
  • Tuning ArrayList
  • Tuning HashMap and HashSet

3. Inner Classes

  • Inner Classes
  • Member Classes
  • Local Classes
  • Anonymous Classes
  • Instance Initializers
  • Static Nested Classes

4. Introduction to Swing

  • AWT and Swing
  • Displaying a Window
  • GUI Programming in Java
  • Handling Events
  • Arranging Components
  • A Scrollable Component
  • Configuring Components
  • Menus
  • Using the JFileChooser

 5. Introduction to JDBC

  • The JDBC Connectivity Model
  • Database Programming
  • Connecting to the Database
  • Creating a SQL Query
  • Getting the Results
  • Updating Database Data
  • Finishing Up

6. JDBC SQL Programming

  • Error Checking and the SQLException Class
  • The SQLWarning Class
  • JDBC Types
  • Executing SQL Queries
  • ResultSetMetaData
  • Executing SQL Updates
  • Using a PreparedStatement
  • Parameterized Statements
  • Stored Procedures
  • Transaction Management

7. Advanced JDBC

  • JDBC SQL Escape Syntax
  • The execute() Method
  • Batch Updates
  • Updatable Result Sets
  • Large Objects
  • Working with Savepoints
  • RowSets
  • CachedRowSet
  • DataSources

 8. Regular Expressions

  • Pattern Matching and Regular Expressions
  • Regular Expressions in Java
  • Regular Expression Syntax
  • Special Characters
  • Quantifiers
  • Assertions
  • The Pattern Class
  • The Matcher Class
  • Capturing Groups

9. Appendix A - Swing Events and Layout Managers

  • The Java Event Delegation Model
  • Action Events
  • List Selection Events
  • Mouse Events
  • Layout Managers
  • BorderLayout
  • FlowLayout
  • GridLayout
  • BoxLayout
  • Box
  • JTabbedPane

Standard Tuition 

2 days ?75
3 days ?115
4 days ?355
5 days ?595

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