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Introduction to XML 0601 - Course duration: 4 days

Course Objectives:

you will learn how to

You will learn how to Write well-formed documents that conform to XML's basic rules of syntax. Validate XML documents with both DTDs and XML Schemas. Identify the key differences between DTDs and XML Schemas. Use XML Namespaces to distinguish between XML tags. Transform an XML document into an HTML document using XSLT. Use XPath to navigate a document tree. to use DOM and SAX to parse XML documents.



Course Contents:

1. Course Introduction

  • Course Objectives
  • Overview
  • Suggested References

2. Getting Started with XML

  • XML document structure 
  • Well-Formed XML
  • Valid vs. Well-Formed XML
  • DTD
  • XML Schema
  • Using XML

3. Writing Well-Formed XML

  • XML Fundamentals
  • Tag Attributes
  • Naming Rules
  • Empty and Non-Empty Elements
  • Processing Instructions and the XML Declaration
  • Other XML Constructs
  • Entity and Character References

4. Namespaces

  • Namespace Prefixes and Declaration
  • Multiple Namespace Declarations
  • Declaring Namespaces in the Root Element
  • Default Namespaces

5. Validating XML with DTDs

  • XML DTDs
  • Element Conditions
  • Attributes
  • Attribute Types
  • Parsed Entities
  • DTDs and Namespaces

6. Validating XML with XML Schemas

  • Schema Overview
  • A Minimal Schema
  • Associating XML With a Schema
  • Simple and Built-in Types
  • Complex Types
  • Element Declarations
  • Attribute Declarations
  • Choices
  • Named Type and Anonymous Types

7. Using XML Schema with Namespaces

  • Qualified and Unqualified XML
  • Associating Qualified XML with a Schema
  • Associating a Schema with a Namespace
  • Controlling Element and Attribute Qualification
  • Merging Schema with the Same Namespace
  • Merging Schema with Different Namespaces

8. Intro to XSLT

  • Stylesheet, Source, and Result
  • XSLT Processors
  • Processor Implementations
  • XPath Basics
  • xsl:stylesheet
  • xsl:template
  • xsl:value-of
  • xsl:apply-templates
  • xsl:output

9. XPath Nodetypes

  • XPath Expressions
  • XPath Context
  • XPath Location Steps
  • Element and Root Nodes
  • Text and Attribute Nodes
  • Comment and Processing Instruction Nodes
  • Namespace Nodes
  • Wildcards
  • Whitespace
  • Default Template Rules

10. XPath Axes and Predicates

  • Location Paths and Location Steps
  • Peer Axis Types
  • More Peer Axis Types
  • Descendant Axis Types
  • Ancestor Axis Types
  • Node Tests
  • Predicates
  • Functions

11. XSLT Flow Control

  • Introduction
  • xsl:if
  • xsl:choose
  • xsl:for-each
  • xsl:sort
  • Named Templates
  • Mode

12. XML in Applications

  • Reasons and Places for Using XML
  • DOM Parsers
  • SAX Parsers
  • Web Services

Standard Tuition 

2 days ?75
3 days ?115
4 days ?355
5 days ?595

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