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Introduction to XSL 0602 - Course duration: 3 days

Course Objectives:

you will learn how to

You will lear n how to Write XSLT stylesheets that produce HTML, XML, and text. Identify XML elements using XPath. Use XPath functions and predicates. Call specifically named templates. Sort data and use modes Use XPath string functions to manipulate string values. Create and format numbers in the result document. Use variables and parameters within a stylesheet. Import templates from other XSLT stylesheets. Define precedence of XSLT templates..


Experience using XML.

Course Contents:

1. Course Introduction

  • Course Objectives
  • Overview
  • Suggested References

2. Introduction to XSLT

  • Stylesheet, Source, and Result
  • XSLT Processors
  • Processor Implementations
  • XPath Basics
  • xsl:stylesheet
  • xsl:template
  • xsl:value-of
  • xsl:apply-templates
  • xsl:output

3. XPath Nodetypes

  • XPath Expressions
  • XPath Context
  • XPath Location Steps
  • Element and Root Nodes
  • Text and Attribute Nodes
  • Comment and Processing Instruction Nodes
  • Namespace Nodes
  • Wildcards
  • Whitespace
  • Default Template Rules

4. XPath Axes and Predicates

  • Location Paths and Location Steps
  • Peer Axis Types
  • More Peer Axis Types
  • Descendant Axis Types
  • Ancestor Axis Types
  • Node Tests
  • Predicates
  • Functions

5. XSLT Flow Control

  • xsl:if
  • xsl:choose
  • xsl:for-each
  • xsl:sort
  • Named Templates
  • Mode

6. Generating Output with XSLT

  • Output Methods
  • HTML Output
  • Plain Text Output
  • XML Output
  • xsl:element and xsl:attribute
  • Attribute Value Templates
  • xsl:attribute-set
  • Text, Processing-Instructions, and Comments
  • Working with Namespaces

7. Using XPath and XSLT Functions

  • XPath Datatypes and Functions
  • Node Test Functions
  • Node Set Functions
  • Boolean Functions
  • String Functions
  • Number Functions
  • id() Function
  • The document() Function
  • xsl:key and the key() Function

8. Advanced XSLT

  • Copying Elements
  • Numbering
  • Variables
  • Parameters
  • Using Other Stylesheets
  • Apply-imports
  • Template Rule Conflicts
  • Extensions

Standard Tuition 

2 days 875
3 days 1115
4 days 1355
5 days 1595

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