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Java Server Faces 0202 - Course duration: 4 days

Course Objectives:

you will learn how to

Describe the JavaServer Faces (JSF) architecture. Build a JSF component tree with Core and HTML tag libraries. Create JavaBeans with properties and methods that are bound to JSF components. Describe the six phases of the JSF request-processing lifecycle. Use both Action Events and Value Change Events to react to user interface interactions. Add entries to faces-config.xml to configure navigation through complex applications. Use the data table component to present tabular information. Write your own validators and converters to ensure the legality of user input.


Java Programming, Java Web Programming, and familiarity with HTML.

Course Contents:

1. Course Introduction

  • Course Objectives
  • Overview
  • Suggested References

2. Getting Started with JSF

  • GUI Development
  • JavaServer Faces
  • A JSF Application
  • JSF Components
  • Managed Beans
  • Configuration Files
  • JSF Application Structure
  • Running the Application

3. JSF Tag Libraries

  • The JSF Component Tree
  • JSF Tag Libraries
  • Forms
  • Input Tags
  • Output Tags
  • Buttons and Links
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons, Listboxes, and Menus
  • Panels

4. Managed Beans

  • Managed Beans and MVC
  • Properties
  • Configuring Beans
  • Bean Scope
  • Value Bindings
  • Method Bindings
  • Dynamic Beans - Lists
  • Dynamic Beans - Maps
  • Advanced Property Initialization

5. JSF Lifecycle and Event Handling

  • JSF Lifecycle Overview
  • Restore View Phase
  • Apply Request Values Phase
  • Process Validation Phase
  • Update Model Values Phase
  • Invoke Application Phase
  • Render Response Phase
  • JSF Events
  • Action Events
  • Value Change Events
  • Immediate Events

6. Navigation

  • Navigating Through a JSF Application
  • Basic Navigation Configuration
  • From View Id
  • From Action
  • Forward vs. Redirect

7. Data Table Component

  • Data and Tables
  • Basic Structure
  • Headers and Footers
  • Styles
  • Adding Editable Components
  • DataModel
  • Sorting
  • Scrolling

8. Validators and Converters

  • Validation and Conversion within the JSF Lifecycle
  • Converting Dates
  • Converting Numbers
  • Displaying Conversion Errors
  • Built-In Validators
  • Customizing Error Messages
  • Writing Your Own Converter
  • Custom Converter Configuration
  • Writing Your Own Validator

9. Appendix - Internationalization

  • I18N and L10N
  • Resource Bundles
  • Configuring a Resource Bundle
  • Using a Resource Bundle
  • Specifying the Locale
  • I18N in Custom Code
  • Dates and Numbers

Standard Tuition 

2 days 875
3 days 1115
4 days 1355
5 days 1595

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