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Java Web programming 0203 - Course duration: 4 days

Course Objectives:

you will learn how to

Write web applications that combine Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages, and JavaBeans using the Model-View-Controller Architecture. Use JavaBeans to encapsulate business and data access logic. Generate HTML or XML output with JavaServer Pages. Process HTTP requests with Java Servlets. Configure your web applications with the web.xml deployment descriptor. Create scriptless JSPs by using JSTL tags for functionality such as conditionals, iteration, internationalization, and XML processing. Simplify JSP development with JSP 2.0 features, such as the JSP Expression Language and Tag Files.


Java Programming, HTML, familiarity with XML.

Course Contents:

1. Course Introduction

  • Course Objectives
  • Overview
  • Suggested References

2. Web Applications and MVC

  • Web Applications
  • JSPs and Servlets
  • Model-View-Controller
  • Model 2 Architecture
  • The WAR File
  • web.xml
  • Handling Errors
  • Building the WAR
  • Deploying the WAR

3. JavaServer Pages

  • Introduction to JSP
  • JSP Syntax
  • JSP Scripting Elements
  • Request and Response Implicit Objects
  • page Directive
  • Error Handling
  • The include directive
  • include and forward actions

4. Java Servlets

  • Generic Servlet
  • Servlet Life cycle
  • web.xml
  • HTTP Requests
  • HttpServlet
  • HTTPServletRequest
  • RequestDispatcher
  • ServletContext
  • JSP vs. Servlet

5. JavaBeans

  • What is a JavaBean?
  • Rules
  • Properties
  • Using JavaBeans in JSPs
  • Properties and Forms
  • Data Access Objects
  • Resource Reference
  • Bean Scopes in Servlets
  • Bean Scopes in JSPs

6. JSP Expression Language

  • JSP Expression Language
  • Literals
  • Variables
  • The . and [] Operators
  • Other Operators
  • Implicit Operators

7. Introduction to JSTL

  • What is JSTL?
  • Core Tags - Conditionals
  • Core Tags - Iteration and Import
  • Variables, Output, and Exceptions
  • XML Manipulation Tags
  • Internationalization Tags
  • SQL Tags

8. Security

  • Concepts
  • Constraints
  • Roles
  • login-config
  • BASIC Authentication
  • FORM Authentication
  • Login and Error Pages

9. Appendix A: Creating Tag Libraries

  • Custom Tags
  • Using Custom Tags
  • Defining Tags
  • Tags with Attributes
  • Fragments and Variables
  • Packaging Tag Files

10. Appendix B: ANT

  • What is Ant?
  • build.xml
  • Tasks
  • Properties and Property Files
  • Managing Files and Directories
  • Filesets
  • Java Tasks
  • Creating Java Archives
  • Specifying Paths
  • Miscellaneous Tasks

Standard Tuition 

2 days 875
3 days 1115
4 days 1355
5 days 1595

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